Introducing Joyce's Dublin Walking Tour

Although Joyce spent the majority of his life beyond the borders of Ireland, Dublin served as a powerful inspiration for his work! Learn more about the literary figure in the heart of the city on this unique journey.

What can I expect
  • Discover the inspirations behind Joyce's writing.
  • Visit key setting and scenes mentioned in his work.
  • Enjoy the breathtaking views of Dublin.
  • Interact with a live guide.

Stroll through the north inner city alongside an insightful guide who will highlight the genuine inspirations behind some of Joyce's most loved literary masterpieces.The adventure includes special stops including Belvedere Collage, North Hardwicke Street, The Gresham Hotel and many more that have featured in or set many of the authors stories.

The visit will pass by other sentimental locations like the James Joyce Statue also known as 'Prick with the Stick' among locals in addition to a trip to No. 7 Eccles Street. By retracing steps of a celebrated journey guests will experience Dublin city's history brought to life as well as James Joyce's famous words.

Whether you're a literary lover or just looking for a unique way to experience Dublin, this tour is just the thing for you as it explores the city through the eyes of a creative genius. To gain an even deeper dive into the Joyce's career check out the James Joyce Centre, a museum that showcases the author and poet in a new light.





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