Mybikeorhike - Hike in Howth

What can I expect
  • Enjoy the views of the fishing village of Howth

  • See the panoramic views of the headland

  • Transport to and from Dublin City

Hike along Howth Cliffs and enjoy the view

Enjoy a hike with beautiful views and stunning scenery around Howth. Less than an hour from Dublin City you can travel along the coastline on this popular headland.

howth lighthouse, dublin ireland


Take a bus or train to arrive at the fishing village of Howth.

Endure on the hike of approx. 4 hours with a variety of terrain and scenery and you can also hear about the history of the headland.

Eat in a pub or bring you own lunch with you while in front of the stunning views.

Discover the sites of the fishing village before departing to the city by bus or train.

Highlights of the route

  • Sea cliff walk overlooking Dublin Bay and the Irish Sea

  • 12th Century Castle

  • Scale the headland and enjoy panoramic views

  • Rhododendron Gardens

  • The first gas-lit lighthouse in the world

  • Secluded coves

  • Narrow trails with a variety of flowers

  • Historic fishing village

  • Clean and safe transport to and from the city


Route Map

howth map with red line indicating a route

  • Distance- 12.5km / 8 miles

  • Tour duration approx. 6-7 hours (including stops for lunch and transport by bus / train from meeting location).

  • 2 people minimum needed to book

  • Available weekdays

  • Start times- 9am, 10am, 11am

  • Moderate level of fitness required

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