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Historical Events Since 1988

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Dublin is filled with rich history and memorable events that has shaped the city to what it is today. There have been many moments that Dubliners have experienced throughout the years, weather they have experienced these special moments themselves or weather the stories have been passed down from generation to generation. The DoDublin Day’s Out Card is an incredible opportunity to visit 6 of Dublin’s favourite historical attractions with a discounted rate.

Ireland’s First Female President, 1990

Mary Robinson was elected as Ireland’s first female president in 1990. This day was a very memorable moment for the people of Ireland, especially women as Mary represented female empowerment among her peers. She had a positive impact on the country with many of the new laws she helped to bring in. These included the legalisation of contraception and divorce, enabling women to sit on juries and she was involved in the decriminalization of homosexuality.


World Cup Italia, 1990

Ireland has a rich history when it comes to performing at the FIFA World Cup. The talented players from the Irish team done the country proud by reaching the quarter finals in the country’s first ever world cup. The team successfully reached the quarter finals but unfortunately lost against Italy. Despite not winning the world cup, it was still a huge milestone for Ireland to reach that level of football.



Dublin’s Great in ‘88

Dublin celebrated its millennium in 1988 with the slogan “Dublin’s Great in 88”. The Irish tourist board decided at the time that cities should celebrate milestones and significant events. During this time, Dublin celebrated their birthday in style with special events including sport, literacy, and musical events.

As part of the year of celebrations a carnival took place on the streets of Dublin and the new statue of Molly Malone was unveiled for the first time. The year was very important as it brought the community of Dublin together after many years faced of an economic downturn. DoDublin tours also marked the occasion by decorating their bus tour to celebrate the millennium.


DoDublin Tours 35th Birthday

In relation to Dublin’s great in ’88. DoDublin tours celebrates their 35th birthday this month. The Hop-On Hop-Off tour bus has provided exceptional tours of Dublin over the last 35 years. All of our tour drivers serve to represent the beautiful city of Dublin, all while offering fantastic entertainment on board!




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