New Attractions
in Dublin City

arcade games

Token Dublin

We live in an era of revivals and nostalgia. Just look at the box office, it echoes the 80s with movies such as Star Wars or Jumanji. Popular shows like Stranger Things show a simpler time B.I (Before iPhones) when all you could do to pass the time is play video games. Well the Irish are known for wistfully longing for days gone by, so it is no surprise that recent generations love Token Dublin.


This restaurant/arcade offers delicious food and the best of arcade games. Play classics like Donkey Kong, Street Fighter and Dance Dance Revolution to name but a few. Step into your childhood dream at Token Dublin, located in Smithfield.

escape rooms lighted sign

Escape Dublin

A phenomenon we haven’t quite gotten our heads around is the Escape room. A real world puzzle game for you and your friends to figure out. While no tourist website would want to hear of you feeling “trapped” in Dublin, it is a fun way to spend an hour or two. A few of these have popped up across the city and Escape Dublin is right in the city's heart. You and your friends will have to work together as a team to solve riddles, overcome obstacles and ultimately escape the room. A drink may be needed afterwards.


For a spin-off of an adventure experience with a similar theme, we recommend you check out the brilliant Escape Boats in Grand Canal Dock, we'll leave it up to you to figure out what happens here!

craft beers lined up

Craft Beer

We Irish are renowned for enjoying a few drinks. It’s true we enjoy a few drinks on the weekend, but we like to mix it up every now and again. A few years ago craft beer became a topic of conversation and it has blown up since. P Macs offers more craft beers than you can count, so you’re sure to find something to whet your appetite. And while you may have been experiencing Dublin’s cuisine during your visit, you haven’t had a true culinary experience until you’ve tried our crisps. P Macs offers a range of our best packets of crisps to nibble on while you have your drink. P Mac has a sister bar called Cassidy’s that offers a few board games to focus on, should you be sober enough.

colour coded bookshelf

The Clockwork Door

Fancy meeting up with friends but don’t want to eat out or go to the pub? Then the Clockwork Door is exactly what you’re looking for. The space, located centrally on Wellington Quay in Dublin 2 is in essence a pay-as-you-stay apartment (8c per minute). Here you will be able to access cosy rooms, all the tea or coffee you can imagine, biscuits, Wi-Fi, board games and video games. We recommend bringing a takeaway along and catching up with your friends, the perfect way to spend an evening after a long day of sightseeing.

coffee art

Embrace The Coffee Culture

IT'S OFFICIAL! Dublin is totally mad about coffee. In recent years, the Dublin coffee scene has undergone a major transformation with craft and independent coffee shops becoming very much the status quo in Ireland's Capital. We've gone from strictly black coffee only through to the Celtic Tiger latte & cappuccino years right up to the modern day and our obsession with the flat white. We recommend sampling a cup at one of Dublin's finest coffee shops.

food picture on iphone

Foodie Haven

Formerly, the food offering to be had in Dublin was a total afterthought with the international reputation for Irish food being very very poor. Flash forward to modern-day and the city has become an absolute paradise for foodies over the last number of years with top class culinary delights now located city-wide. Sample some of the finest Irish fare in Dublin City at top class restaurants like The Winding Stair, Hatch & Sons or the brilliant little sea-shack Klaw!

So you’ve seen old Dublin, its castles and cobwebs, what’s next? Why not try your hand at a few of Dublin’s newest attractions. If you’re looking for something a little different, a little
more playful then we’ve got you covered. Check out the top places Dubliners go when they’re looking for a day out with a twist.

After a long day of sightseeing, these venues are the perfect way to unwind. So if you’re like us and see yourself as big kids in a big city, there is plenty to do in Dublin’s trendy sectors.

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