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Test your knowledge on some of Dublin city’s most famous statues!

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There's no current competition prize for this Quiz but we do issue spot prizes each month for any Quiz entries received T&C's apply



Q1 This statue of playwright and author Oscar Wilde is located in Merrion Square, just across the street from the house in which he used to live. One of Oscar's most famous plays was called The Importance of Being....?
Q2 Who is this famous poet and writer enjoying a sit down beside the Grand canal (the statue that is, not the lady)
Q3 This is the statue of James Joyce on North Earl Street, but which of these was the title of a book of short stories by Joyce?
Q4 This statue is named "Meeting Place" but is perhaps better know by it's nickname "Hags with the Bags" and it's a tribute to the women of Dublin, but beside which iconic Liffey bridge is it located?
Q5 This is a statue of Thin Lizzy front-man Phil Lynott located on Harry Street (just off Grafton Street) in Dublin....but what was his (also quite famous...in Ireland at least) mother's name?
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