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Farmaphobia - Haunting Horrors

Farmaphobia Halloween activity

Halloween is just around the corner which means there are more thrills and chills to come! Now is the time to stick your teeth into some of the Autumn activities that are happening in and around the city and are open for a limited time only.


Farmaphobia, one of Ireland’s biggest Halloween events is currently in full swing. Located at Causey Farm in county Meath the attraction has 5 terrifying haunts spread across 100 acres awaiting brave visitors who seek a heart pounding experience.


There are a range of bone-rattling experiences available at Farmaphobia including…

Clown Town

A twisted carnival that’ll have even the bravest souls quaking in their boots. It’s a chilling haunt that has guests questioning their sanity and fearing laughter like never before. Sinister clowns lurk in the shadows with not so sweet treats. It is a hair-raising journey that is not to be missed!



Step into a notorious prison and follow the path to death row where twisted serial killers run wild. Fear takes on a whole new meaning as you make your way through the riot and discover the unknown.


Beware of the Baxter and McCrick families as they rival over cornfield ownership. Navigate your way through the haunted field while keeping an eye out for the terrible two. Listen out for harrowing screams and unsettling creaks every step you take. One thing both families agree on is using fresh blood as fertilizer.



The children of the forest are constantly seeking visitors to sacrifice. Don’t make a wrong turn as you battle your way through the eerie woodlands of Causey Farm. The hunt is on, and you must make it your mission to survive.

Zombie Morgue

Step into the dimly lit halls inside a morgue like no other. Watch your step as you navigate your way through what look like dead bodies. One wrong move and you may end up on a steel slab like the other unlucky visitors. Zombies are faster than you think!


Bookings must be made in advance, so we recommend visiting the Farmaphobia website to grab yourself tickets and discover what other nightmares await.

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