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The Ghostbus Tour is Back Quiz - This competition is now closed, but we give away spot prizes each month so take the quiz and you could still win!


Simply answer the 5 questions below and submit your answers.


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Q1 The Cock and Anchor was a book by Sheridan Le Fanu, set in Dublin in the eighteenth century. This Gothic novel thriller focused on the story of young lovers try to escape a haunted ____?
Q2 What well-known Dublin Park is the second biggest Viking Graveyard after Scandinavia.
Q3 Dorcas “Darkey” Kelly was an Irish brothel-keeper who was burned at the stake after she demanded financial support from a man who got her pregnant. Can you guess what profession was the father of her child?
Q4 In the early 18th century Dubliners were reputedly tormented by a demonic animal known as ‘The Dolocher’ It was believed that this ghostly entity was an executed prison inmate who was seeking revenge. What kind of animal was it?
Q5 Kilmainham Gaol is known as the location where the Easter Rising rebels were executed, but significant paranormal activity was reported during restoration works undertaken in the middle of the last century. In which decade did these restoration works take place?
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