Garda Museum

The Garda Museum and Archives can be found at the Treasury Building of Dublin Castle. When you visit the Garda museum you will be greeted with an exhibition about the Garda or An Garda Síochána and information about what policing was like in Ireland before 1922.

What can I expect
  • Garda Museum is free to all visitors

  • Open Monday - Friday 10am-2pm

  • Loctaed behind the walls of Dublin Castle

The staff consists of only two people: a Sergeant and one civilian employee.

In the museum you can photographs and documents outlining the history and the development of policing in Ireland during the 19th/20th centuries. The library in the museum library contains a number of interesting garda-related publications.



How to get there and other free attractions!

Free Entry

*Visits appointment only


Bookings can be made by email to

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