Gin School & Distilling Academy

Stillgarden Distillery combines botanical and historical wonders to create an all-inclusive adventure for visitors to experience in a truly unique distillery.

What can I expect
  • Journey through the community garden.
  • Sample a variety of signature spirits.
  • Enjoy a hands-on cocktail masterclass.
  • Pair drinks with a charcuterie board.

Explore the history and craft behind special spirits through an extraordinary adventure within Ireland's capital city. Stillgarden is home to the famous Gin School Distilling Academy which is known for its ingredients and distillation process.


Guests will enjoy a signature and warm welcome with a drink upon arrival. Following this the group will be invited to taste a range of spirit samples in addition to making and naming their very own bottle. From vodka to sambuca you can now perfect your own piece in a memorable and creative way while choosing from 120 botanicals.

The fun continues as experts set up a hands-on cocktail masterclass at the Speakeasy Lab8, individuals can sip their own unique creations here while learning new and exciting skills. This adventure is nothing like a typical distillery tour but more like a captivating show!


This is a must-do activity for both tourists and locals who are seeking a memorable rainy or sunny day activity. It is a rewarding experience that promises amazing treats and surprises.


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Trip Advisor

"We had a great cocktail-class by Conor. Great knowledge and humor! Definitely worth it, and we’re coming back!" Miriam. B - April 2023

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