Dublin's Great Outdoors

Looking for some adventure in your life? Explore Dublin on foot, by bike or set sail. Check out DoDublin's partners below offering the best outdoor activities around!

Ready, Steady, Explore!

Venture outside the city centre to some of Dublin's most scenic spots! DoDublin's partners have some fantastic outdoor activities available if you're looking for some excitment in your spare time. Explore Howth like you've never done before and check out Howth Adventures - Panoramic E-Bike Tour for a fun-filled excursion. If that doesn't peak your interest why not sit back, relax and set sail with Ireland's Eye Ferries for a specatular boat tour around an Island steeped in history and full of local and visiting wildlife!

If you fancy exploring the city centre there are some great walking tours availble detailing Dublin's colourful history!

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