Day Tours from Dublin To
Northern Ireland

See the very best of Northern Ireland on a Day Tour from Dublin city.

Northern Ireland is home to some wonderful tourist attractions and amazing scenery unlike anything else in the world. Belfast city is a gem, with lots of stunning Victorian and Georgian architecture to enjoy, as well as fantastic shops, green areas and top tourist attractions. The Titanic Experience has to be seen to be believed and the Giant's Causeway is a one of a kind in the world. Northern Ireland is a place of great history, friendly people and great whiskeys!

Northern Ireland was famous around the world from the 1970's to the 1990's for the fighting that occurred between the Catholic and Protestant communities, which became known as "the troubles" Happily a lasting peace was established under the Good Friday Agreement which was established in 1998. Though Northern Ireland remains a part of the United Kingdom, the north and south of Ireland now maintain a warm relationship with strong economic cooporation, and 25 years of peace has meant that communities on both sides in Northern Ireland have enjoyed much prosperity and much happier lives. Northern Ireland is now a very safe place to visit and you won't find a more warm and welcoming people on the island of Ireland.

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