Yellow Umbrella - Dublin Distillery & Whiskey Tour

Take a tour into the Liberties District of Dublin City for a guided tour to experience whiskey distilleries along with tastings!

What can I expect
  • Guided Walking Tour
  • Seven Different Whiskey Samples
  • Tour of a Working Craft Distillery
  • Tasting of locally brewed beer

Distillery and Whiskey Tour

Explore the renowned Liberties District alongside your tour guide, immersing yourself in genuine Dublin culture and the unique local ambience.


Encounter the historical charm of old Dublin, blending seamlessly with the evolving cityscape.

  • While venturing through this captivating district, also delve into the remarkable resurgence of Irish whiskey.

  • Sample innovative takes on traditional styles, immerse yourself in the rich historical origins of whiskey distillation, and grasp the reasons behind the rapid global ascent of Irish whiskey as one of the fastest-growing spirits.


You will meet outside the CHQ building which is located on the North Quays of the River Liffey and kick off with a guided tour of a working craft brewery where you'll have the opportunity to do a tasting session of a locally brewed beer.


Once finished in the craft brewery, cross Samuel Beckett Bridge where you'll make your way through Ringsend and then to Irish Town where you will visit four local pubs for a glass of craft beer in each one.


Begin with a taster of a classic Irish whiskey from a rooftop bar as you look out over the city, before you tour a working craft distillery in the heart of the Liberties. You'll explore the fascinating brewing and distilling tradition that is associated with this area, one of the oldest districts in Dublin.

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Total: 0

Tour Duration - 3 Hours


Pickup - Outside St. Patricks Distillery


Drop-off - Cornmarket


Check-in - 10 Minutes Before Tour Start Time

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