Kilmainham Treasure Hunt

Become a treasure hunter for the afternoon as you seek out evidence that will lead you closer to the hidden gems! Travel through gorgeous grounds and gain unique views on this adventure.

What can I expect
  • Self-guided activity.
  • Thrilling treasure hunt.
  • Family fun adventure.
  • Scenic trail.

The King's Ransom treasure hunt begins and ends within the grounds of the former Royal Hospital Kilmainham, now home to the Museum of Modern Art in Ireland. This trail is a true masterpiece that boasts Dublin's architectural beauty.


To solve the clues hidden within the evidence and uncover the whereabouts of the King's Crown once and for all you must pay close attention to the map and work together as a team to solve the mystery.


This adventure is suitable for hunters of all ages! Whether you're seeking a new quest or just looking for a unique tour in the city, this is just the thing for you.

  • Duration 1.5 Hours.
  • 3KM trail.
  • Mystery trails is a self guided walk we are NOT there to meet you.
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