Dublin Tour Guide - Nearly All of Dublin

Cover nearly all of Dublin in 5 hours on a walking tour that explores the hidden gems and trendy treasures of the city.

What can I expect
  • Enjoy a personalised journey of Dublin on foot.
  • See the city's iconic buildings and bridges.
  • Venture along famous paths and passages.
  • Tour the National Museum or Trinity College Library.

It is suggested that visitors kick off their adventure early in the day to enjoy a perfect and personalised experience in Dublin. Discover what makes the city so special with an professional guide who will bring each location to life in an exciting and engaging way.

Dublin city centre

This tour is suitable for groups and is the ideal way to truly navigate Dublin with family and friends.


Travel by iconic buildings and bridges including City Hall and the Ha'Penny Bridge as well as venturing down famous streets like Temple Bar and O'Connell Street which are steeped in history and are home to many different cultural stories.

neon sign reflection in a puddle

Choose entry into important institutions, either the Old Library at Trinity College hosting the Book of Kells or the National Museum where you'll gain a special and significant insight into the sites of Dublin.

Trinity college dublin city

There will be breaks throughout your journey to give explorers time to rest and take in the unique beauty of Ireland's capital city.

  • Tour duration 5 hours.
  • Suggested start time 10am.
  • Entry into the Old Library at Trinity College or the National Museum.
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