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Dublin’s Quirkiest Pubs

Token Dublin Arcade and Bar Night out

Token Dublin

Probably, the most unique bar in Dublin is where we start. Token is unlike anything else you might find in the city. It’s a bar, arcade and restaurant combined where you can enjoy a pint, burger and game of Street Fighter 2 at the same time. Located at 72-74 Queen Street, Smithfield, this is the place to be on a night out. If you don’t drink, or don’t want food don’t worry, you can just have a game of Dance Dance Revolution instead!


Hop on Hop off Tour Stop 30

Mary’s Bar

Need a new shovel? Fancy a pint? Then Mary’s Bar is certainly the place for you. Not only is this unique little spot a great pub but it’s also a hardware store. 8 Wicklow Street is where you’ll find the only place in Dublin that will sell you a pint and a hammer at the same time. There is also a burger joint below the bar where you can chill out with a pint and have a bite to eat if you’re hungry!

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