Dublin Tour Guide - The Ultimate Day in Dublin

If you are visiting Dublin for the day there is no better way to get the full Irish experience while creating long lasting memories with a personal touch.

What can I expect
  • Explore Dublin in a fun and factual way.
  • Discover the city like a local.
  • Tour with an authentic and professional guide.
  • Mix food and beer with culture and history.

Spend the ultimate day in the city on a tour that has the perfect blend of fun, culture, and history by mixing a variety of walking tour styles into one! Experience a food, pub, museum, and heritage adventure at your own pace.

Oscar wilde statue at merrion square

Journey through the creative side of the city while exploring the National Gallery and Museum. Learn about iconic sites and statues like Oscar Wilde. Taste Irish beloved food and drinks such as cheese and whiskey and locate where the locals like to wind down.

detailed roof at city hall dublin

Dublin is a compact city eliminating long distance walking while ensuring visitors see it all. Join an authentic local guide who'll uncover the character and spirit of Dublin.


  • Tour duration 8 hours.
  • Suggested start time 9.30am.
  • Entry to the National Gallery and Museum.
  • Breaks throughout tour.
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