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Backstage Tour at the Abbey Theatre

backstage at the theatre

Step behind the scenes at a national theatre in the heart of Dublin city. Located moments away from Stop 3 on our tour route, the Abbey Theatre invites both locals and tourists to the stage.

The creative venue welcomes visitors to explore the history and heart of the theatre which is brought to life by interactive guides who pull the curtain back and reveal the unique work and magic behind each performance.

Tour schedules are aligned with production dates to give visitors a memorable and personal glimpse into the theatre. The attraction is home to more than just a stage, it showcases and celebrates storytelling as well as community.

Once you dive into the artistic institution and discover the building and craft behind current shows you will never watch a performance the same again! It is advised to book in advance to avoid disappointment, check out the Abbey Theatre's schedule here.

If you are looking for more incomparable experiences in the heart of Dublin check out Silver Works and the Laughter Lounge.

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