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Dublin Coffee Festival 2024

close shot of coffee beans

2024 Marks Dublin's first ever Coffee Festival. Celebrate caffeine from the 1st to 3rd of March and indulge in the growing coffee scene that exists in the city centre.


Whether you're a coffee connoisseurs or just looking for a new adventure to kick off the new month, the Dublin Coffee Festival is the perfect activity for you! Support Cup North, the team that host similar and successful events in the UK as they make their debut in Ireland by embracing the local coffee culture.


Visitors are invited to enjoy all things coffee by sampling a range of unique brands, observing talented baristas, and many more exciting surprises. Workshops and competitions will be held over the weekend giving guests the opportunity to develop new skills and insights.

This occasion is suitable for families and fury friends, so grab your mugs and drop by (it is a paper free event). The festival will take place at The Complex Smithfield. Find out more information here.


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