Cork City & Blarney Castle Day Tour by Train

Travel to the south of Ireland and visit the world famous Blarney Castle and Gardens as well as Cork City on this great day tour.

What can I expect
  • Day tour to Cork City and Blarney Castle
  • Admission to visitor attractions
  • Return ticket for train journey
  • Host to guide you on journey
Blarney Castle and Towerimage of cork city and river

Day Tour to Cork City and Blarney Castle


  • Depart Heuston Station at 7am and will head in a south westerly direction travelling through the suburbs and then through the countryside of Kildare
  • Continue through the famous Curragh racetrack and then you will be bound for Cork Station through the longest railway tunnel which stretches a 1.2km.
  • When you arrive into Cork Kent Station you will be transferred by your host to a coach that will bring you through Cork City to Blarney Village and to the famous Blarney Castle.
  • While you are there you will have time to kiss the famous Blarney Stone which is said to give the gift of eternal eloquence on those that are lucky to do so.
  • You will have some time to do some shopping and grab some lunch at Blarney before you head back to Cork City for the Dublin departure.
  • You will return to Heuston Station at 4:55pm


castle and garden

Check in is 20 minutes before train departs


Train departs at 7am


Check in beside the Customer Service Desk at Heuston Station where there will be a representative in a yellow jacket waiting for you.


Return to Dublin at 4:55pm

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