Yellow Umbrella - The Story of Dublin

Discover the main sights that the city of Dublin has to offer and hear the story of the city.

What can I expect
  • Walking tour of Dublin
  • Guided by a local guide
  • Learn the full history of the city

The Story of Dublin

Discover the key landmarks of the city while immersing yourself in the rich narrative of Dublin's evolution.

Engage with your knowledgeable local guide as they recount the journey of our city's growth, tracing its origins from a humble settlement along the river Liffey's shallow crossing, through its fortified medieval era, to its present-day status as a dynamic and thriving metropolis.



Throughout history, Dublin has stood as a beacon of international influence, shaped by a myriad of cultures and peoples.

From the Celts and Christians to the Vikings and Normans, and later the English and Americans, each group has left an indelible mark on this blend of old and new urban landscapes.

Their collective contributions have woven together to craft the distinctive and captivating tapestry of the beloved city we cherish today.


What you will see:

  • Christchurch Cathedral

  • St. Patricks's Cathedral

  • Dublin Castle

  • Temple Bar

  • Ha'Penny Bridge

  • Trinity College

Tour Duration - 2 Hours


Meeting Point - Christchurch Cathedral



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