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DoDublin Christmas Movie Quiz


Get into the festive spirit this Christmas with a DoDublin movie quiz.


Complete this quiz to be in with the chance to win 2 Hop-on Hop-off Tickets!!


Don't forget to enter your email at the end in order to submit your answers for the competition

Q1 Who is this well-known green Christmas character that hates Christmas?
Q2 Jingle All The Ways stars which famous actor and bodybuilder?
Q3 In the movie Elf, Buddy leaves the North Pole in search for his father. What city does he move to?
Q4 In Home Alone, little Kevin defends his house from ‘The Wet Bandits’, how many people made up this crime group.
Q5 In the movie 'The Polar Express', a boy boards a mysterious train that is waiting for him. Where is the train heading to?
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