Irish Whiskey Museum - Irish Coffee Masterclass

Learn how to make an Irish coffee the right way with this great tour as you take part in an Irish coffee masterclass.

What can I expect
  • Explore the history of Irish Coffee
  • Learn how to make you very own
  • Enjoy the coffee made afterwards

Irish Coffee Masterclass


Come and participate in an exclusive Irish Coffee Masterclass at the Irish Whiskey Museum, blending the profound legacy of Irish Whiskey with the comforting embrace of freshly prepared coffee.


Join our Irish Coffee Masterclass and delve into the skilful craft of creating the ideal Irish coffee - a cherished Irish tradition that has enamoured people globally.


Our expert guides will narrate both versions of the Irish Coffee's origin story, allowing you to determine for yourself who you believe deserves credit for inventing this iconic beverage.


Get a hands-on experience with the process as you learn the techniques of mixing, pouring and garnishing.


Hone your skills in the technique of layering and refine the art of presentation, ensuring that your Irish coffee is not only a delight to savor but also visually appealing.


Once have mastered the coffee making you can sit back and relax while enjoying your Irish coffee.



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Duration - 45 minutes


Live tour guide


Located at the Irish Whiskey Museum, 119 Grafton Street, Dublin 2, D02 E620

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