Walking Tours of Dublin

Did you know you get a Free Pat Liddy Walking tour with every Hop on hop off tour ticket purchased?

Insta Tours

Have you ever visited a fantastic location only to discover later that you completely missed the best spots there to take pics? Insta tours combine a fantastic tour of Dublin with a tutorial on getting the most of your instagram pics and showing you the most instagrammable locations in Dublin - Expert advice and 100% great fun!

easter rising walking tour guide at st. stephen's green

1916 Rebellion Tour

The 1916 Rebellion Walking tour brings you back in time to the fiercest and bloodiest uprising that Dublin has ever encountered. Visit the key sites and hear a detailed and entertaining account from top Dublin historian Lorcan Collins.

Pat Liddy Walking Tour at GPO O'Connell Street

Dublin Highlights & Hidden Corners Walking Tour

Perfect for a first-time visit to Dublin City! Discover Dublin's main sites and its origins on the most comprehensive tour of Dublin City, brought to you by Dublin's best walking tour company.

Pat Liddy with customers

The Best of Dublin Walking Tour

Unlock secrets of south-city Dublin and discover the stories behind the stunning architecture, as well as the iconic events that have shaped Dublinright back to Viking & medieval times.

Pat Liddy giving a tour in Dublin City

Das Beste Von Dublin Walking Tour

Perfect for German speaking visitors to Dublin City! Discover the best of Dublin with Ireland's Number 1 walking tour company and learn about Dublin's cultural and historical past.

Dublin Walking Tours

One of the best things about a walking tour is the opportunity to do just more than scratch the surface of a city. Book a Dublin walking tour and get a local’s perspective of Dubin on a guided walking tour. Explore iconic sites. famous attractions, delve back into Dublin's history or learn the stories and highlights of Dublin city.


DoDublin Tours have teamed up with Pat Liddy Walking Tour, and Lorcan Collin's 1916 Rebellion Tour, two of Dublin’s finest walking tour companies, to offer you some of the city’s most popular tours. Journey through the city's winding streets and the capital's alleyways, and uncover the histories and hidden secrets of Dublin.

Great Value Walking Tour

Pat Liddy's walking tours offer great value. A walking tour is one of the best things to do in Dublin to get your bearings, and with small guided tours by professional guides guaranteed, the Pat Liddy Walking Tour is the best value walking tour in Dublin, with kids going free on walking tours.

The 1916 Rebellion tour compares favourably to any of Dublin's historical attractions in terms both of content as well as price.

For a selection of Dublin's most comprehensive and best walking tours, check out some of the tours on this page.



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