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Cocoa Chronicles Dublin

festive hot chocolate display

We are uncovering Dublin's sweet secrets for the winter wanderers! From trendy corners to the hidden nooks the city is filled with cozy cafes that are known for their comforting cups of hot chocolate and we have made a list including some of our favourites.


You are bound to come across a Butlers Café when making your way through the city centre, with countless different hot chocolate flavours and seasonal delights there is no need to look any further. Choose from award-winning chocolate drinks like the praline hot chocolate, cookie hot chocolate, white hot chocolate, and plenty more. Take a sip of bliss in welcoming surroundings.

Three Twenty

Dury's Street is home to Three Twenty, where you can find one of the most unique cups of hot chocolate in Dublin. They go above and beyond with their presentation and signature servings to deliver some of the most iconic hand warmers. Best known for their marshmallow bomb the spot never fails to impress.

House of Read

Considered a hidden gem House of Read on Parliment St. has a variety of tasty creations including a classic hot chocolate that can be described as a favourite among many. Grab yourself a delicious chocolate treat when strolling down the cobblestone streets of the fair city.

House of Read hot chocolate

Il Fornaio

Il Fornaio knowns how to celebrate hot chocolate season with their simple yet special mug sized delights. The Italian family run bakery situated by College Green serves a memorable and authentic sweet experience that is perfect for the chilly days of winter. Take a seat and watch the world go by while you indulge in a cup of comfort.

The Sweetest Thing

The Sweetest Thing Café is considered a local treasure. This spot creates the picture perfect hot chocolate that tastes even better than it looks. Satisfy your sweet tooth and enjoy the vibrant city of Dublin on Bachelor's Walk with flavours like Bailey's, Malteasers, and other chocolate masterpieces.

All of these amazing locations can be accessed quick and easy using our City Tour Bus. Get even more Dubliner recommendations onboard with our local guides.

If you like sweet treats, the Vintage Tea Trip expereince is the one for you! Enjoy afternoon tea filled with delicious cakes and treats along with good views and company.

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