Roe & Co - Blending Experience

Join Roe & Co for a whiskey blending workshop in the whiskey blending experience where you will learn the craft of perfecting your very own blend of whiskeys.

What can I expect
  • Whiskey Blending Workshop
  • Tastings in 'Room 106'
  • Create your very own blend of whiskeys

Roe and Co - Blending Experience

Discover the art of blending whiskey in Roe and Co's famous ‘Room 106’, where the secrets of their unique signature whiskey blends are revealed.


Room 106 tells the journey of crafting Roe & Co's distinct whiskey blend 106. Immerse yourself in an engaging and entertaining whiskey tasting, as the Roe & Co. exprets guide you through the process from distillation to maturation and ultimate blending, highlighting their diverse range of whiskey styles along the way.


After you're fully acquainted you with the secrets of blending, you'll have the opportunity to craft your own blend by perfecting the Whiskey Old Fashioned.


Finally, you'll be lead you to the Power House Bar, where the skilled Roe & Co bartenders will craft a special cocktail for you.


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Tour duration - 45 Minutes


Location - 92 James St, The Liberties, Dublin 8, D08 YYW9


This tour is only available for hose who are over 18 years.

Trip Advisor

Attended this tour yesterday and was very impressed. Our tour guide Luke was not only personable and funny as hell, he was also very knowledgable, and enthusiastic about the information he was providing. The history was interesting, and the facility is beautiful

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