Afternoon Tea & Gin Tasting

Enjoy afternoon tea with a twist at Stillgarden Distillery, discover the secrets and special ingredients that are incorporated in modern Irish gins as well as delicious delicacies now!

What can I expect
  • Uncover the history of Stillgarden Distillery.
  • Taste test a selection of gins.
  • Indulge in sweet and savoury treats.
  • Learn about the wall of botanicals.

Visit Stillgarden Distillery for a memorable and unique tasting experience. Start by learning the history of distillation which is represented beautifully through the signature wall filled with over one hundred botanicals.

Guests will be greeted by experts and a welcome drink before getting the opportunity to explore the story behind Stillgarden and its amazing features. Sample four finely crafted gins that the distillery have proudly produced to gain a further perspective into the venue and their mission.


The tasting will be followed by an afternoon tea session which includes a variety of fresh cakes and sandwiches, the perfect balance of sweet and savoury! This activity is ideal for those looking to enjoy and alternate yet sentimental day in Dublin.

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Trip Advisor

"Great idea for staff socials, birthday celebrations or just a random outing. Conor did a great job running through the history of the business and interesting science behind the process." Michael. O - April 2023

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