Ireland's Eye Ferries

Ireland's Eye is a small uninhabited Island located just north of Howth village. Set sail from Howth Harbour across to Ireland's Eye where you'll experience the most breath-taking views of coastline, cliffs, and the Island itself.

What can I expect
  • Scenic Boat Tour
  • Circumnavigate Ireland's Eye
  • Learn about the island's rich history
  • Marvel at the local wildlife

Ireland's Eye - The Voyage


people on a boat


A place steeped in history, your skipper will tell you of the Island's interesting past, dating as far back as the 7th Century! From the pagans to Vikings to murder mysteries - you'll be hooked. But wait there's more. Ireland's Eye is also a nature reserve and apart of the UN Dublin Bay Biosphere. Make sure to keep an eye out for all the local and seasonal wildlife including seals. puffins and gannets to name but a few. Don't worry your skipper will help you spot them!

Puffin and seagull on a cliff

This fabulous tour provides an up-close experience of Ireland's Eye exploring it’s beautiful coastline, wildlife and history! A family friendly day out that shouldn't be missed.



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  • Departs from Ferry Pontoon, West Pier, Howth
  • Take that Dart train to Howth (20 minutes from Connolly Dart Station in Dublin City Centre) and the Meeting point is 5 minutes walk from the station.

  • Alternatively take Dublin Bus routes H3 or 6.

  • Boat Tour around Ireland's Eye
  • Tour Duration 1 hour (Approx)
  • Please Note - Boat does not dock on the Island
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