Experience Irish Whiskey - Sip & Stroll Historic Walk Dublin

Enjoy a private half day fully guided whiskey walking tour around the iconic Dublin Liberties.

What can I expect
  • Private half day walk around the Dublin Liberties
  • Full guided whiskey tour
  • Whiskey tasting of three premium whiskeys
  • Visits to Dublin's historic Victorian era local pub
  • Pint of Guinness with pub tour and heritage session in a Victorian pub

Sip and Stroll - Historic Walk Dublin


Meet at the renowned Pearse Lyons Distillery, easily identifiable by the prominent church steeple on its grounds. The leisurely walk will take you o St. Patrick's Tower, situated opposite the famed Guinness Brewery at St. James's Gate, and past the newly established Roe & Co. Distillery, where the esteemed George Roe brand has been revitalised. George Roe, a significant figure in Irish whiskey, utilised a sprawling 18-acre space for distillation in this vicinity. Listen as your guide shares the captivating tale behind the sole remaining structure of the former distillery site.



As you navigate the streets of the Liberties, you will immerse yourself in the dynamic fusion of old and new culture in the area. The journey will include a visit to a significant landmark in Irish distilling history: Johns Lane, formerly the renowned site of the Powers whiskey operation. Today, it's the location of the National College of Art and Design, boasting a striking facade that reflects the legacy of the illustrious Powers family. Prepare to delve into the rich narrative of this historic stop on the tour.



Visit a True Local Liberties Pub


You will explore the vibrant trading and market heritage of the Liberties with a leisurely walk along Francis Street, leading to the initial pub destination, The Liberty Belle. This establishment stands as one of the few authentic local bars remaining in the Dublin 8 vicinity. Here, you'll have the opportunity to enjoy your first whiskey tasting of the day.


The next destination is a genuine throwback to the era of the distillery workers of Dublin: John Fallons, affectionately known as the Capstan bar. Subtly adorned with the branding of a renowned whiskey label, this establishment offers a nostalgic atmosphere. Here, you'll indulge in another round of whiskey tasting, accompanied by their signature dish—a culinary gem cherished by the Dublin working class: the ham and cheese toastie. Renowned as the finest in the city, it's a delight not to be missed.


Next, you will meander through the picturesque St. Patrick's Park, showcasing the majestic Cathedral at its heart. In a city where almost everything seems intertwined with alcohol, St. Patrick's Cathedral is no exception. We pause briefly to admire its architectural splendour before heading to our final destination: The Swan Bar.


Established in 1661 and holding a license since then, The Swan Bar is among the cherished Victorian-era pubs of Dublin, with its interior beauty captivating visitors. It's not uncommon to find the owner personally preparing your Guinness, adding to the authentic local vibe where patrons feel like regulars. The Guinness served here is exceptional, especially when savoured in "The Snug," a integral feature of Irish pub culture for generations. Relax with your Guinness, delve into its storied past, and immerse yourself in the fascinating history of this iconic establishment.



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Total: 0

Tour duration - 2.5 Hours


Meeting Point - Pearse Lyons Distillery, 121-122, James St, The Liberties, Dublin, D08 ET27


Sample 3 whiskeys


Food included - Ham and Cheese Toastie

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