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Dublin's Music Venues

Dublin has an incredible history of live music from The Dubliners to Thin Lizzy to U2 all the way up to the present day and the likes of Hozier. Check out our guide to the best venues to visit for a live Dublin gig..

interior of stags head pub

Famous Pubs of Dublin

There is so much to do and see in Dublin but it is impossible to imagine the capital city without its iconic pubs. Here's our top list of Dublin's most famous and best pubs.

Modern Day Dublin

Explore some of the phenomenons that have hit Dublin in recent years. Check out the top places Dubliners go when they’re looking for a day out with a modern twist!

Opium Rooms

Nights Out in Dublin

All the info you need to plan your perfect night out in Dublin.


Dublin Nightclubs

Check out our top tips for clubbing in Dublin.

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